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Introducing Roku 3 – the new streaming superstar!

Model: 4230R

100% Brand New

Of course, this is a brand new unit with original factory package seal. Be wary of those selling refurbished units. 


Roku 3 Online Streaming


Faster and more instantly entertaining than ever. Now with a convenient private listening mode. Includes one-stop search across top channels like Amazon Instant Video, Netflix and Hulu Plus; a free mobile app for iOS and Android; and a full complement of connectivity options. 

Roku 3 supports closed captioning for Netflix. A USB port enables local media playback.

  • Video format support: MP4 (H.264) & MKV (H.264) video / AAC & MP3 audio / JPG & PNG image).
  • Video output: 1080p, 720p and 480p over HDMI. 
  • Audio output: digital over HDMI (7.1/5.1 channel surround sound pass-through and stereo). 

Roku 3 Media Streaming Player Feature:

  • 2000+ entertainment channels (vs. 40 channels on Apple TV)
  • All-new on-screen experience with one-stop search
  • Our fastest, most powerful Roku experience ever
  • Remote with headphone jack for private listening
  • Motion control for games
  • Free iOS and Android app
  • Fully loaded and ready for your HDTV
  • 1080p HD support
  • Free Angry Birds Space game
  • Dual-band wireless 802.11/a/b/g/n, Ethernet port, USB port and microSD slot

What's in the box

  • Roku 3 Wireless Streaming Player
  • Enhanced remote with headphone jack and motion control for games
  • In-ear headphones
  • Two AA batteries
  • 12V/1A NZ Power supply 
  • Get started guide

Good news!

We provide a NZ 12V/1A power supply (110-220V) specially made for Roku 3. We recommend you use it rather than the US power plug (110V only) which is not as safe to use in Australia and New Zealand.

Note: NZ Power supply is in stock now.


12-month hardware warranty. In comparison, Roku provides 90-day warranty to direct buyers.

Roku Channel Guide

Most Popular Channels
  • Choose a TV streaming provider. There are three big players here, and they all have their own key features. Netflix has the best selection of Movies and TV shows. Hulu gives you access during season instead of waiting for post-season. 
  • Stream your ripped or downloaded videos with Plex. You can stream more than just online services like Netflix. If you have your own videos that you've ripped, downloaded, or even home movies you've filmed yourself, you can stream them from your computer to your Roku with Plex. 
  • Find the free channels. Roku has over 1,000 channels, and a lot of them are free.Check out this huge list to see which ones are free to add. Some of the "free" channels have paid movies and shows within them, but if you're worried, you can unlink your credit card after setting up your Roku.
  • Unlock private channels: Streamfree.tv has a list of private channels, which you won't find on your Roku, but can download manually.
  • Bookmark your resources. The Roku blog leaves it up to us to discover what's worth trying out, but there are some good resources. In addition to streamfree.tv, bookmark Roku Guide, to help you see what's new in Roku whenever you think it's running a little dry. RokuChannels.tv is another good resource for both public and private channels.
  • Add other media channels, like Pandora, Facebook, and Picasa. You can do a lot more than just watch movies and TV shows on your Roku. You can play music while you clean, show vacation pictures to friends, and a lot more.

Other channel guide:

Roku private channels

Best Roku Channels in 2014

Channel Guide from mkvxtream.com 

Free Private Channels

Streamfree.tv list 

Free Movie Channels

Streamfree.tv list 

Sports Channels

US Account

Check out the list from Rokuguide.com.

Here is a great article from roku blog. For example, you can get DishWorld Sports for just USD10 a month. You can watch European Football and World Sports.

UK Account

Sky Now TV channel is available for watching Sky Sports pay-per-view on Roku 3. Daily pass and weekly pass are available.

With UK account, you'll also have access to iPlayer, BBC News, Netflix, etc.

More useful article: UK Roku Channels


NZ Roku Account

If you register a Roku user account using a New Zealand address, there is no additional configuration required on your network. Simply connect the device to your TV through a HDMI cable, then follow the on-screen instructions. Once WiFi connection is configured and the device syncs with your Roku account, you can download the channel apps easily to start streaming. Very straightforward.
Netflix is not available on Roku NZ account.
Channels available: NZ-channel-guide.pdf.

US Roku Account

If you'd like to access the massive content from providers such as Netflix US Content, Huluplus, Amazon Instant Video, Dishworld, etc, which are only available to users living in US, you'll need to register a Roku user account using a US address/zip code. A large number of users from outside US such as Canada, Australia are currently accessing Roku channels with this set-up.  

Channels available: US-channel-guide.pdf.

Roku US Account Registration 

Here is the procedure to create a US account:

1. Ensure you've configured your router for unblock-us or other DNS/VPN services.

2. Open a browser, and go to https://my.roku.com/signup.

3. Fill out the form using an email address different from your other Roku account(s) (if any).

4. On Credit Card page, enter a NZ or US credit card details, a valid US address (e.g. NZ Post Youshop address) and a US phone number. 

You need to create such an account to manage the device prior to connecting it to your TV. Once the account is created successfully, you can remove the credit card payment method from you account, if you like.

Next, connect your Roku 3 unit to your TV, when you see the activation page, write down the link code and enter it on your Roku US account to link the device to your account. You will then be asked for selecting channels to install on the device, once you finish the selection the device will automatically install those channels. You're then good to go. If you need any help, feel free to contact us on 09-8893218.

Geo-location Limit & Unblock-us

Due to licensing terms with media content owners, Some services include Netflix (US Content) limit their services to users living in US only. To access them from New Zealand, you'll need a monthly subscription with DNS Forwarding services such as unblock-us (US$4.99). Check out unblock-us.com for more information. 7-day Free trial is available so you can try it out on your desktop PC first before buying a Roku 3 to enjoy movies/TV programs on a large LED TV instead of a computer monitor. 

Orcon Customers

Orcon has discontinued its Global Mode service. In order to keep watch US contents, you'll need to sign up with unblock-us, configuring your router and change your Roku US account. Contact us on 09-8893218 or email sales@smartdroid.co.nz if you need us to help.


How much does it cost to use Roku 3 for streaming?

1. Using a Roku NZ Account

The only expense is buying Roku 3 device. However the channels available to a NZ account are quite limited in comparison with a US account. Netflix channel is not available on Roku channel store if you use a Roku NZ user account.

2. Using a Netflix NZ Account and a Roku US Account

This option best suits users who just want to watch Netflix NZ content using a Roku 3. Our service team will install Netflix channel on the device you purchased. When you receive the device, simply plug it to your TV and enjoy Netflix NZ content. A $30 Netflix Channel Installation Service charge applies.

3. Using a Roku US Account to watch other US Channels such as Netflix US, Hulu plus, Amazon Prime Video, Dishworld, etc.

In addition to buying a Roku 3 unit and paying for subscribed services monthly (optional), you'll need to get a DNS redirection service such as Unblock-us which costs $4.99 a month (free trial available). Then you need to configure your Internet router with the DNS/route settings specified by Unblock-us. 


We carry a wide range of products and the warranty terms are as follows:

  • SanDisk: 1 year to life time manufacturer warranty. For more, check the warranty table.
  • Other storage products including Samsung, Lexar, Sony, Kingston, Strontium, etc.: 1 Year hardware warranty
  • Smart TV set-top boxes: 1 Year hardware Warranty
  • Smartphone accessories: battery, earphone, charger, case - 90 days warranty
  • Networking, Wireless Charger and other accessories: 1 Year hardware Warranty


Most storage products and all Smart TV products are kept in our Auckland warehouse. The delivery target is next working day by courier post. In case the products you ordered are out of stock but available in our Hong Kong warehouse, we'll import it as soon as possible. The ETA is about 4 -6 working days.

For a complete guide on our warranty, shipping and return terms, please read our store policy. Thank you!



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